Pope Francis Throws Pizza Party for the Homeless

Even though numbers of religious people across the world have decreased in the past couple of decades, one thing that many can agree on is that Pope Francis is “The People’s Pope”. In 2013, he was named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year, and has been known for being a humble man of the people.

Francis became the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 2013, and has won over many people by helping those in need, riding around in a used car instead of a luxury vehicle and has spoken out on behalf of the LGBT community and atheists who have normally been panned by the church. The latest action from Pope Francis has even more people singing his praises as a simple gesture has gone a long way.

For several weeks, Pope Francis has been throwing parties for homeless people in Rome, which didn’t draw much attention at first. A big reason for this is because the most months of the year see homeless shelters close in Rome, leaving many people without a roof over their heads or food to eat. In response, the Pope has taken the homeless of Rome and brought them to a beach to enjoy hours of swimming and then treating them to a pizza dinner on his tab.

Bishop Konrad Krajewski is in charge of the charity funds in Vatican City, and he says each day has brought 10 new homeless people to the beach via vans, and they are given brand new towels and swimsuits so that they can fully enjoy their experience. Once the day has come to a close, they are brought to a pizzeria back at the Vatican where dinner is served.

Krajewski knows that this act isn’t going to have a large global impact, saying that “We are not solving the problems of the homeless in Rome, but at least we are restoring them a little dignity” and that the homeless that have been living “in insecurity” get a chance to feel like “everyone else.” So far, Pope Francis has been responsible for creating a special day for more than 100 homeless people in Rome, though he can’t go himself because of all of the media members that would hound the pizzeria.


One day, Pope Francis would like to accompany the people he helps on a trip (since the man really loves his pizza) and go unnoticed, but knows how difficult that would be. Maybe one day, the Roman Catholic Church will throw a massive pizza party for Pope Francis where everybody is invited.