Celebrity Then And Now
Celebrity Then And Now
Nahla Aubry
Name: Nahla Aubry
Birthdate: March 16, 2008
Famous Years: 2008-Present
Currently Known For: N/A
Networth: $70 Million (Family)Famous For: Halle Berry's Daughter
Nahla Aubry
Name Nahla Aubry
Birthdate March 16, 2008
Famous Years 2008-Present
Currently Known For N/A
Networth $70 Million (Family)
Famous For Halle Berry's Daughter

Among the more famous actresses of the past 20 years is Halle Berry, the former pageant queen that would end up landing notable movie roles in the 1990s that led to an Oscar winning performance in “Monster’s Ball”, and has followed it up with hits such as “Die Another Day”, and the “X-Men” series.

Berry has had some notable relationships throughout her career, including with the likes of former baseball star David Justice. The two had met in 1992 and within a year were married, but the relationship wouldn’t last. Within just three more years, the two had separated and they were officially divorce in 1997 without any children.

Berry’s next marriage would be with singer Eric Benet, a marriage that had lasted for just over two years before a separation and eventual divorce in January 2005. Later that year, Berry would meet Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, but the two would never be married. Despite that, Berry and Aubry gave birth to a daughter in March 2008 when they welcomed Nahla Aubry.

As the daughter of Halle Berry, people were already very interested in the life of Nahla, but things would become ugly for the surroundings of the child early on in life. Berry and Aubry would separate in 2010, and immediately became engaged in a custody battle over Nahla. Berry had wanted to move Nahla to France where her new boyfriend (and now ex-husband) Olivier Martinez had been living.

Martinez and Gabriel Aubry would end up getting into a scuffle that sent both of them to the hospital, and the photos of Aubry’s injuries would become headline fodder for the media. More than two years after their split, it was decided that Aubry and Berry would share custody of their daughter, while Aubry would also receive child support as part of the settlement. Berry moved on with Martinez and were married in 2013 (divorcing in 2016), and gave birth to her second child, a son, along the way.

Both Berry and Aubry were granted 50 percent custody of Nahla, and both have been seen extensively through the years spending time with their daughter. It was refreshing for many to see that the parents were out and about with Nahla after getting into an ugly battle over her custody and money that would be all over the tabloids.

Problems would continue, and the battle between Berry and Aubry have still been in the public forum in the years since Nahla’s birth. Even Berry’s spokesperson has gone on record as saying that “Halle has serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her. She has attempted to resolve these custody issues amicably with her daughter’s father directly, but given his lack of cooperation, Halle has no choice but to seek swift judicial intervention.”

Some sources that were close to the couple said that they could see the writing on the wall. “It was a case of two ‘alphas’ in a relationship, each wanting their own way and not being prepared to compromise,” one source said. “They were both smitten with (Nahla) but they grew more and more distant from one another. The arguments continued and they knew it wasn’t the best environment to raise a little girl in.”

Even if her parents haven’t been on good terms, it still seems that the 10 year old Nahla enjoys spending time with each of her parents. While filming her most recent movie “Kidnap”, Berry said that “My kids are the biggest part of me. (The film) made me kiss them more and hug them more,” setting aside her relationship woes to focus more on being a parent.

Berry admits that it hasn’t always been easy for Nahla as the daughter of a famous actress, and has even had to take legal action to protect her from the press. Berry says that her daughter would start crying when having to be in front of the paparazzi to the point where Berry “went up to Sacramento and lobbied almost a year and a half, and I finally got this anti-paparazzi bill in place,” she said. “As a result, my kids now lead normal lives. I wasn’t going to stop until I changed their reality.”

Berry says that her hopes for Nahla is that “she is sweet and kind because no matter how beautiful you are, ugly ain’t cute.” As for her potential career path, it’s unclear if Nahla will want to go the same way as her father and pursue a career in modeling, or try for the big screen like her mother. Either way, there is a lot of potential success for Nahla, whom both of her parents are there for.

Nahla inspires Berry on a daily basis, too, she says. “I’m so proud of her,” saying that she’s already helping those who are less fortunate and showing selflessness. This includes sending most of her material possessions to children who are struggling in other countries. “It’s important to teach your children about caring for children,” Berry said.