Meet the Cat Who Has an Official Job Title at a Train Station

It can be hard to find a job these days, and it really doesn’t help when even humans are being replaced by felines. Back when she was just a nine week old kitten, Felix stumbled into the Huddersfield Station and instantly received the admiration of all of the employees there. Felix was an interesting name for the female cat, who was named before she was taken to the veterinarian for the first time to reveal identity.

Still, the name stuck and Felix quickly became a part of the family. Felix made a home at Huddersfield Station wandering around the area, but never straying too far away. Not only did she boost the morale at the station, but Felix turned out to be quite useful, as well. Felix would often bring back mice and rats that she caught while wandering through the station, which was sort of bittersweet for the staff.

On one hand, they finally had someone to take care of any potential pest problems, but dead mice showing up at the doorstep was a bit odd. Felix was so good at catching mice that Huddersfield Station even built her a custom door flap so that the could come inside and out whenever she pleased to go and do her hunting duties.

Felix became a bit of a mascot for the station, and people couldn’t wait to get off of the trains at the station to see their favorite cat. She even built quite the following on the internet, with thousands of likes on her very own Facebook and Twitter pages. Then, Andrew McClements realized something. Felix was doing all of this good for the station and “she’s a member of the family here,” according to McClements.

McClements then said that it was then that he realized that Felix deserved her own uniform and her own nametag. With that, Felix was given her new title of Senior Pest Controller with her own high visibility uniform. When a photo of McClements and Felix with her new uniform and nametag was posted on the internet, her popularity exploded even further.

Customer service manager Chris Bramford said that the promotion was warranted because “she probably knows the trains better than we do….she’s got fans all over the world now.” Felix started to get even more attention and more treats from people that made their way through the station as she continued her duties as the Senior Pest Controller.

Then, another opportunity popped up for Felix, and it was a bittersweet moment for those at Huddersfield Station. Leeds Station, another large railway, had a developing problem where pigeons were starting to take over the area. Felix was then photographed being shipped off via train to Leeds Station (with a handler, of course) to start her new job.

Huddersfield representative April Furl even released an official statement when Felix took her new job, saying that “Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and she has received a much better offer of working in a bigger and busier station. We wish her all the best in her new job.” The news was shocking and devastating for those that frequented Huddersfield.

Fortunately, it all ended up being an April Fools joke, and the big reveal came as a relief to those that have been following Felix for the past few years. Still at Huddersfield Station, Felix is enjoying her fame and McClements said that “all in all, she’s very happy.” There might be further promotions in the future for Felix as long as she keeps up her duties.

After all, a cat in Japan named Nitama was promoted to stationmaster at Kishi Station, replacing the previous stationmaster that passed away…who was also a cat. The gigs don’t pay in money for cats at railway stations, but they are getting treats, which is the best currency you can offer a cat.