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Celebrity Then And Now
Jessica Marie Blosil
Name: Jessica Marie Blosil
Birthdate: December 17, 1987
Famous Years: 2009-Present
Currently Known For: N/A
Networth: $20 Million (Family)Famous For: Marie Osmond's Daughter
Jessica Marie Blosil
Name Jessica Marie Blosil
Birthdate December 17, 1987
Famous Years 2009-Present
Currently Known For N/A
Networth $20 Million (Family)
Famous For Marie Osmond's Daughter

If you grew up in the 1970s, you’re probably very familiar with the Osmond family. The family had multiple members that were famous for their singing careers, starting with the older brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay. Then, Donny would join the mix to make it a group, though he had more success as a solo act. The same could be said for his younger sister Marie, whom he frequently has performed with throughout the years.

Marie Osmond has had many hits over her career, mostly in the country music genre. Some of her more famous songs include “Paper Roses”, “Meet Me in Montana” and “Make the World Go Away” to name a few. When not performing, Osmond is usually making one of her many television appearances that include hosting or even being the spokeswoman for weight loss products, or participating in charity work or crafting.

Osmond has been married to two different men during her life, and her first marriage almost came in the late 1970s to a student at BYU named Jeff Clayton. The two were engaged to be married, but split up as she felt she wasn’t ready for marriage at the time. Three years later, Osmond would indeed settle down, marrying college basketball player Stephen Lyle Craig before the two split up in 1985.

Then, Osmond would have her lengthiest marriage starting in 1986 when she married Brian Blosil. Throughout the years, the couple has had a pair of biological children (Rachel Lauren and Matthew Richard), and have also adopted five children. The oldest of the children is Jessica Marie Blosil, who was born on December 17, 1987.

Unlike her famous mother, Blosil had stayed out of the spotlight for the most part while growing up. She stayed out of the headlines throughout her teenage years, but that would change in 2009 for Blosil as she became discussed because of her sexuality. The Osmonds had grown up in a very traditional Mormon setting being from Utah, so it came as a surprise to some when Osmond talked about her daughter Jessica coming out as bisexual.

The tabloids jumped all over the story, crafting fake headlines that said that Osmond was shunning her daughter, but Osmond was quick to debunk these rumors. Osmond told reporters that “You know, on those types of things I’m very supportive. When it comes to marriage, I think civil rights need to be for all.” She also explained that she and her daughter were very close, and remain so to this day.

Osmond’s announcement had reporters all over the country asking her questions on the subject, and she was happy to talk about it. “You know, I think each of us has the right to choose who makes that medical decision for us, I think everybody should have the right to share homes and finances with somebody that they care about,” she said regarding equal rights. “When you start mixing religion into that and beliefs, you know, I do believe in the Bible. My daughter understands my beliefs, and…God said to be married and be productive with your children and replenish the Earth…She understands those things. My daughter is sharp.”

Blosil popped back into the headlines in 2011 when the then 23 year old successfully completed police academy. Osmond tweeted out that “So proud of my oldest daughter, Jes. She just passed her police officer certification tests for emergency medical and defensive tactic training. All five feet of her! Love it.” One source said that “Jessica really wants a chance to help people out, especially teenagers. If Jes can turn one teen’s life around, she’ll feel blessed and her mother is 100 percent behind her.”

It wasn’t easy for Jessica to be surrounded by all of the headlines, with some even openly criticizing her, but she’s been able to keep a low profile. It became even more difficult in 2010 when her brother Michael committed suicide just three years after her parents had divorced following more than 20 years of marriage. Currently, she has dropped the Blosil name and is now known as Jessica Osmond, and snow living in California.

Osmond is now remarried to her first husband Stephen Craig, and has been since May 2011. In a recent interview about her daughter, Osmond has said that “I believe in (Jessica’s) civil rights, as a mother. I think that my daughter deserves everything that she desires in life. She’s a good girl. She’s a wonderful child. I don’t think God made on color flower, I think he made many.”

Not everybody in the Osmond family (including Marie’s brother Alan) have been as supportive as she has, but that’s all Jessica seems to need to be happy. She’s enjoying life with her girlfriend and is focusing on a law enforcement career that allows her to help the public with some of the problems that she’s faced in the past.