Celebrity Then And Now
Celebrity Then And Now
Jeremy Meeks
Name: Jeremy Meeks
Birthdate: February 7, 1984
Famous Years: 2014 - Present
Currently Known For: Fashion Model
Networth: $1 MillionFamous For: "Hot Convict" Mugshot
Jeremy Meeks
Name Jeremy Meeks
Birthdate February 7, 1984
Famous Years 2014 - Present
Currently Known For Fashion Model
Networth $1 Million
Famous For "Hot Convict" Mugshot

“I heard all my life, ‘You’re so handsome. You have the most beautiful eyes.’ And I heard it a hundred times a day to where I would not even pay no mind to it.” Undeniably one of the strangest rises to fame in the last decade, Jeremy Meeks was behind bars at the Mendota Federal Correctional Institution in California when his mugshot from the City of Stockton Police Department went viral and earned him the nicknames “Hot Convict,” “Hot Felon” and “Prison Bae.” With a chiseled jaw and piercing blue eyes, Meeks’ sex appeal was off the charts as social media went wild with users who couldn’t get enough of the convicted felon claiming, “The only crime he’s guilty of is stealing our hearts.” After completing his 27-month sentence, Meeks was released and, before the ink on his prison paperwork was dry, he signed a modeling contract and hired an agent. Now turning heads for his recent affair with billionaire heiress Chloe Green while still married to his wife of nine years, let’s take a look at the Hot Convict’s journey to fame, fortune and infidelity!

Despite his overnight success (or perhaps because of it), Jeremy Ray Meeks has offered the media very little information about his early life. What we do know is that Meeks is one of two sons born to Katherine Angier and a convicted felon serving a life sentence in prison. He came into this world on February 7, 1984 in Stockton, California and obviously stuck around his hometown throughout his childhood and into his teens because, at 18 years old, he was charged with robbery and child endangerment after he assaulted a 16-year-old boy. To avoid extensive jail time, Meeks agreed to a plea deal and spent two years behind bars in a California prison where he acknowledged his ties to the Gangster Crips of Stockton’s North Side. Sadly, this wasn’t the last time that trouble found Meeks.

Charged with identity fraud and petty theft in Spokane, Washington in 2005, Meeks was arrested a second time for suspected gang activity in 2009. Months later, he settled down with his new wife, Melissa, and started a family in the quiet neighborhood of Manteca, just 13 miles south of Stockton. However, trouble soon found him again as an increase in gang crimes throughout Stockton led the local police department to launch Operation Ceasefire, a gang sweep meant to eliminate major gang activity in the area. During a series of arrests, Meeks was caught in the crosshairs and arrested. He was convicted on federal charges for grand theft, unlawful possession of a firearm after a prior felony conviction, and street terrorism.

Upon his arrest, the City of Stockton Police Department released his mug shot on their social media page as Meeks awaited sentencing from the judge. Ironically, the mug shot quickly went viral as Facebook users dubbed him “Hot Convict,” “Hot Felon” and “Prison Bae.” Ignoring his criminal convictions, people couldn’t get enough of Meeks as they shared his photo asking, “Be my thug?” and “Are they jailing hot guys so the ugly ones have a chance?” Others argued his only crime was stealing hearts with many wondering if it hurt when he fell from heaven.

Meeks’ growing fame on social media did little to help his case in court as the judge sentenced him to the Mendota Federal Correctional Institution where he spent 27 months behind bars as his wife declared her loyalty and faithfulness. During his incarceration, Meeks learned of his growing fame and cashed in on the opportunity by signing a modeling contract with White Cross Management and hiring a talent agent named Gina Rodriguez. By the time he was released in 2016, his modeling career was well underway as Meeks shared a glimpse into his life saying, “I heard all my life, ‘You’re so handsome. You have the most beautiful eyes.’ And I heard it a hundred times a day to where I would not even pay no mind to it. It didn’t fix it then. I still had a father in prison doing life. I still had a heroin-addict mother and me and my brother and sisters struggling through life’s tribulations. I didn’t think of it as, ‘Oh, I’m pretty so that’s a tool.’ I knew that I was a tool to release my anger and I fought a lot as a kid.”

Using his undeniable good looks to work in his favor, Meeks made his runway debut in February 2017 during New York Fashion Week where Vogue praised him as a “buff bad boy.” He spent the next few months traveling the world and walked the catwalk at Milan’s Fashion Week where he modeled Philipp Plein’s newest designs before seeing his personal life unfold for the world to see. Although his newly established career as a model was known for taking him around the world, Meeks continued to show his bad boy side with a few choice words after a trip to London left him deported and denied access into the country. Weeks later, he was supposed to be on a business trip to Turkey when his wife, Melissa, learned he was courting billionaire heiress Chloe Green on her father’s yacht off the coast of Turkey. Once again, trouble followed.

With the media running wild with the story of the unfaithful Meeks cozied up to Green, Meeks acted unapologetically as he welcomed the paparazzi to catch him kissing Green on the $150,000-a-week Mediterranean yacht, which is certainly a far cry from his $317,000 four-bedroom home with Melissa in Manteca, California. Once he was back on American soil, his homecoming was anything but welcome. “It was very heartbreaking for me,” Melissa said of seeing the photos of her husband with Green. “I mean, honestly, you know, that’s my husband of eight, nine years. I love him deeply. I mean, I still do. It’s very hard for me when I thought about what’s happened because, honestly, I wish I still had my husband to go home to…”

Recently agreeing their marriage couldn’t be saved, Meeks has filed for divorce leaving Melissa and their children at their Manteca home. As for the 33-year-old himself, Meeks continues to pursue fortune and fame as the felon turned “Hot Convict” thanks to a mug shot seen ‘round the world.